SMS Recharge

Dear Member,
We now providing Recharge facility through SMS. Now you can use the services through your mobile.
To use these service you have to use your registered mobile no to send the sms.
We are providing following services through SMS
1. Balance Check

Balance Check SMSType CB and send it to 9200003232

2. Balance Transfer

Balance Transfer SMSType BT TF Distributor_Mobile_Number Amount TPASS and send it to 9200003232

3. Last 5 Transactions

Last Transactions SMSType PP LAST and send it to 9200003232

4. Mobile Number Change

Mobile Number Change SMSType PP CHANGE New_Mobile_Number and send it to 9200003232

5. Transaction Status Check

PH Status Check SMS
Type PP STATUS Txn_ID and send it to 9200003232

6. Mobile Recharge

Recharge SMSType PP Operator_Code Mobile_Number Amount TPASS and send it to 9200003232

Circle code not mendatory For Operator Codes Click Here
TPASS  = Transaction Password