wisepe- India has its major business from Real Estate Government projects, which include Universities, Banks, Councils and State & Center run Amenities Boards as third party roll. Few of businesses are running with us from past 6 years (including Government projects also). Our high client retention is our major achievement and also a prove that how committed we are at our service and how muchwe fitinexpectationofourclients.

Our USP is our creativity. Though our innovative design and technical solution we have emerged as one of the key players in designing horizon. Our web solutions are very dynamic and can hold large amount of data, users and network load. Solutions like online form filling with BAR-CODE, has provided security and authenticity to universities, while providing high data security and 100% up-time has keptcustomerclingingtightlytothebanks.These arefewofournumerousachievements.

We like to listen to our-selves as Solution Facilitators via IT . We use to eavesdrop to our clients and try to find out their major concerns with existing system. This will help us to create an IT solution in a manner to address their problem and concerns in most effective and efficient way. We also use MOBILE as tool of next generation and solution at grass root level. Mobile solutions have picked its pace very emphaticallyinrecentpast,andwe observedthatsolutionviathismediumisfarreachingandeasilycommunicable.

We are always open to ideas and challenges. This is the reason that MSS is so dynamic and always finds itself at toe to adapt and learn. Due to high dynamism inIT domain, one must keep learning at everytime. Our openness of being offended has made us veryagile. This learning habit has helped us in generating quality solutions from very simple tools